Wuxi Lighting Co., Ltd. Construction Engineering Construction General Contracting Supplier Announcement

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Wuxi Lighting Co., Ltd. is now openly soliciting general contractors for the company's construction engineering construction. The specific matters are as follows:

1. Conditions to be met for registration

1. It is an enterprise registered and established in accordance with the law and has the ability to independently assume civil liability;

2. It is an enterprise engaged in the construction of construction projects. The business license of the enterprise has passed the annual inspection and is within the validity period. The business scope of the business license includes the services to be provided;

3. Possess the second-level (inclusive) or above qualification for general contracting of construction projects;

4. It has a good business reputation, and the enterprise and corporate legal person are not included in the list of dishonest persons subject to enforcement, the list of parties to major tax violation cases, and the list of records of serious illegal and dishonest acts in government procurement;

5. The enterprise safety production license has passed the annual inspection and is within the validity period;

6. The person in charge of the project stationed in the company has the professional qualification of registered construction engineer in construction engineering and an effective safety production knowledge assessment certificate;

7. The enterprise has a fixed office in the urban area of ​​Wuxi;

8. Consortium registration and participation are not accepted;

9. The person in charge of the unit is the same person or different units with direct holding and management relationship, and cannot register at the same time. If the shareholders of the enterprise are related, they shall all be deemed to have direct holding and management relationship.

10. Other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.

2. Registration period and registration method

1. Deadline for registration announcement

March 30, 2020 to April 3, 2020

2. Deadline for registration (deadline for requesting registration materials)

Before 17:00 on April 3, 2020

3. How to register

Suppliers who meet the above conditions and are interested in participating in this registration, please contact our company's contact person by telephone to obtain registration materials.

General Office of Wuxi Lighting Co., Ltd. Jiang Gong

Address: Room 703, No. 399, Xinguang Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

Tel: 0510-88657801, 0510-88657821

Mobile: 13861868611

4. Time and requirements for submitting application materials

Suppliers who meet the above conditions and intend to participate in this registration, please bind the above specified materials into a book (in triplicate) from 12:30 to 13:30 on April 7, 2020, and mark on the cover "Wuxi Lighting Co., Ltd. The company's construction project construction general contractor supplier storage application materials", the full name of the reporting unit, the address of the reporting unit, the reporting time, stamped with the company's official seal and signed or stamped by the legal representative, and handed it to the contact person of our company on-site.

Late or non-compliant application materials will not be accepted.

3. Qualification review

1. Qualification review method: post-qualification review

2. Qualification review time: 13:30 on April 7, 2020

3. Information to be provided for on-site qualification review

(1) Application form for storage, signed by the legal representative (or authorized agent) and stamped with the official seal;

(2) A copy of the business license (or three-in-one certificate) with the official seal of the enterprise (original for reference);

(3) The photocopy of the qualification certificate is stamped with the official seal of the enterprise (the original is for reference);

(4) The photocopy of the production safety license shall be stamped with the official seal of the enterprise (original copy for reference);

(5) Copies of the practicing qualification certificates of the dispatched project leader and other major project management personnel with the official seal of the company (original for reference); the project leader’s resume and certification materials; copies of social security certificates for the past 6 months (original for reference);

(6) Power of Attorney, signed by the legal representative and stamped with the official seal;

(7) A copy of the entrusted agent's ID card with the official seal of the company (the original should be carried with you);

(8) Integrity commitment, signed by the legal representative and the person in charge of the project, and stamped with the official seal of the company;

(9) Copies of the account opening bank and account number, stamped with the official seal of the company;

(10) The certificate of the company's own real estate or the real estate lease contract filed by the real estate management department;

(11) Other materials deemed necessary by the bidding supplier.

4. Number of finalists and dynamic management

1. Quantity of finalists: Through the qualification review and selection of the registered suppliers, the qualified suppliers will be selected for the warehouse. The final number of warehouses will be determined according to the registration and review situation, and the total number will not exceed 5. If there are less than 3 companies that reach the qualifying score, the supplier registration registration will be reorganized.

This solicitation is only to solicit suppliers for storage, not purchase invitations. The information submitted by the supplier is only for our company's warehousing audit. Our company will abide by the business rules and keep it confidential. Our company will not return the supplier's information that has not been put into the warehouse. Our company is not obliged to explain the reasons for not entering the warehouse to the applicants who have not entered the warehouse.

2. Dynamic management: The inbound suppliers are assessed once a year, and qualified suppliers whose assessment results do not meet the minimum requirements for supplier qualification will be disqualified. In the process of the supplier providing services, if there are violations of regulations and disciplines, failure to provide services in accordance with the contract, and poor quality of services, goods, materials, etc., it will be deemed a breach of contract after verification, and the supplier will be investigated for relevant responsibilities, and the service will be automatically terminated. Agreement, immediately removed from the qualified supplier database, and included in the bad record of the enterprise.

Wuxi Lighting Co., Ltd.

March 30, 2020